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Precision CNC Machine Stainless Steel Casting

Name:Industrial Machinery Part Product Introduction:Precision Machining Industrial Machinery Parts Precision CNC Machining Stainless Steel Casting China stainless steel casting manufacturers and suppliers - wholesale high quality stainless steel casting made in China here, all with ISO certificates. Also, customized service is available.

Process: Stainless Steel Precision Silicon Sol Casting + Precision Machining

Product Name: Precision Machining Stainless Steel Machinery Part

Main Use: Used in Industrial Machinery Part.

Technological Process

1.Casting Mould for Stainless Steel Machinery Part

2.Wax Stainless Steel Machinery Part

3.Casting Shell of Stainless Steel Machinery Part

4.Casting Blank and Machining of Stainless Steel Machinery Part

  Our promise:

  1.The delivery time and the package can be controled according to the customers' requirement completely.

  2.We will produce the products seriously according to the drawings, and make sure all the products is suitable for the customers.

  3.We will communicate with the customers all the time about the products, we will send the pictures to the customers, so that they can know the Processing process

  Our Inspection Equipment:

  Direct-reading spectrograph,metallographic microscope,hardness tester,brinell hardness tester,thermometric indicator,universal testing machine,carbon and silicon analysis meter and so on.

  We have a lot of the high precise Machining equipment and high precision testing equipment, our manufactory also have a large number of the engineers. We can provide the best products and the best service for you.

  Product Advantages:

  1. Trusted Supplier of Materials;

  2. OEM Services;

  3. Large Production;

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