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Precision Forging Aluminium

Another Name:Aluminum Auto Base Product Introduction:Precision Machining Forging Aluminum parts Aluminum auto parts Auto base parts China Precision Forging Aluminium Manufacturers and Suppliers - Made in China - Tianhui

  Forging With High performance and strength

Tianhui Machine Co.,Ltd can precision manufacture forging parts , especially aluminium forgings .  

The forging process is used in applications where performance and strength are critical requirements.

Forged components are commonly found at points of stress and shock. Pistons, gears and wheel spindles in high performance automobiles and aircraft are often made from forged aluminum.

Forging Aulminium Material : AL6063 ,AL6061

Heat Treated : T5 / T6

Forging Weight : 0.25-0.55KGS

Forging Surface rough : Ra6.4-3.2

Rough of Machined surface : Ra0.8-1.6

Technical : Aluminium Hot Forging raw blank + Precision CNC Machining

Surface finished : Anodizing or Anodic Anodizing 

Colors : Nature , black , ligh ot flat

Use : Auto Parts , plan parts , light parts , and etc .


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