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CNC Processing Stainless Steel Beer Faucet

CNC Processing Stainless Steel Beer Faucet

Stainless Steel beer faucet beer faucet Precision Machining Stainless Steel Part CNC Processing Stainless Steel Beer Faucet

    Process: CNC Processing , Precision Machining , Stainless Steel Precision Silicon Sol Casting + Precision Machining+Polishing

    Product Name: Stainless Steel  beer faucet    beer faucet  Precision Machining Stainless Steel Part  CNC Processing Stainless Steel Beer Faucet

    Main Use: Used in Commerical Juice & Beer Machinery Parts


 Technological Process

  1.Casting Mould for beer faucet

  2.Stainless Steel beer faucet

  3.Casting Shell of beer faucet

  4.Casting Blank and Machining of Stainless Steel beer faucet

    Casting Blank

  We cooperate with high quality Precision Silicon Sol Casting factory , can reduce casting defects , get the high quality casting blank .



  Machining Capability 

  Can cnc machining different type casting blank with our advanage cnc machines . We have rich experience technicans , can design suitable machining process to reduce machining cost .


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