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CNC High Pressure Switch Parts

China CNC high pressure switch parts manufacturers and suppliers - wholesale high quality CNC high pressure parts made in China Ningbo here, all with ISO certificates. Also, customized service is available.CNC Quality Guarantee .

  Siemens High Pressure Switch Part

    Product Name: Siemens customized alloy steel switch part

  Material: Alloy Steel

  Process: Investment Casting,or Precision forging , cnc machining ,carbonization +anneal

  Roughness: Ra 3.2-Ra6.3

  Heat Treatment: Quenching

  Surface Treatment: Sand Blasting,Zinc plated, Coating,painting


    Product Advantages:

  1. Professional Manufacture;

  2. High Quality and Competitive Price;

  3. Complete Service;

  4. MOQ Can Be Negotiated;

  5. Talented Team;

    6. 5S Management;

    7. Siemens Global Supplyer


  Siemens Global Supplier Audit

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