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How to prevent deformation of aluminum alloy parts
May 16, 2018

One is the reason for processing deformation

There are many reasons for the deformation of aluminum alloy parts, which are related to the material, part shape, production conditions, and cutting fluid properties. There are mainly the following aspects: the deformation caused by the internal stress of the blank, the cutting force, the deformation caused by the cutting heat, and the deformation caused by the clamping force.

Second, reduce the deformation of the processing measures

1, reduce the internal stress of the blank

With natural or artificial aging and vibration treatment, the internal stress of the blank can be partially eliminated. Pre-processing is also an effective process. For rough heads, there is a large amount of residue, so the deformation after processing is also large. If the excess part of the blank is processed in advance and the remaining amount of each part is reduced, not only the processing distortion in the subsequent process can be reduced, but also a part of the internal stress can be released after being placed in advance for a period of time.

2, improve the cutting ability of the tool

The material and geometric parameters of the tool have an important influence on the cutting force and cutting heat. Selecting the correct tool is crucial to reduce the machining distortion of the part.

1 Reasonable choice of tool geometry

2 improve the tool structure

3 improve the workpiece clamping method

4 Reasonable arrangement process

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