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CNC machine tools are widely used in the power equipment industry
Dec 21, 2017

The machine is the machine tools, machine tool industry development is directly related to the development of various industries, machine tool industry, machine tool industry with the focus on the user needs, the user needs to change, the industry will also be with the change and development of machine tool industry. Let us first understand the demand for machine tools in various industries.

The aviation industry aviation industry coverage is more and more big, more and more products, the main products for military aircraft, civil aircraft, airborne equipment, large non aviation equipment, its focus is on the first two.

The machine tool for aircraft manufacturing is mainly used to process engine and fuselage as the key development object.  This will inevitably lead to a large demand for high reliability, large specification and high strength CNC machine tools, including all kinds of Ultra Heavy CNC machines and special machines, as well as five axis CNC machine tools and compound machine tools. It is foreseeable that the structural adjustment and technological progress of the energy industry are expected to promote the technical upgrading of domestic processing equipment.

The urban rail transit aspect is also very eye-catching. According to the first batch of urban rail transit projects approved by the State Council, the length of the planned line to 2015 is 2400km, and the investment scale is nearly 700 billion yuan. The main equipment needed in the field of rail equipment manufacturing is large milling machine, grinder, heavy machine tool and so on.

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