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CNC machining method selection
Jan 14, 2019

CNC machining of mechanical parts, due to various structural shapes, consists of a basic surface such as a flat surface, an outer cylindrical surface, an inner cylindrical surface or a curved surface, and a forming surface. Each surface has a variety of processing methods. When selecting the CNC machining method, the corresponding processing methods and processing schemes should be selected according to the processing precision, surface roughness, material, structural shape, size and production type of the parts.

1. Selection of surface processing methods for CNC machining parts

The main processing methods for the outer surface are turning and grinding. When the surface roughness is required to be small, finishing is also performed. The closest processing solution can be selected according to the processing surface requirements, the structural characteristics of the parts, the type of production, the type of blanks and the nature, dimensions, geometrical accuracy and surface roughness of the materials, combined with the equipment on site.

2. Selection of CNC machining plane processing methods

The main machining methods for the plane are milling, planing, turning, grinding and broaching. The planes with high precision require frequent grinding or scraping.

3. Selection of machining methods for machining the inner hole surface of CNC

The inner hole surface processing methods include drilling, reaming, boring, drawing, grinding and finishing. The commonly used hole processing scheme should be reasonably selected according to the processing requirements, dimensions, specific production conditions, batch size and pre-formed holes on the blank.

4, the choice of plane contour processing method

The plane profile is mostly composed of a straight line and an arc or various curves. Usually, a three-axis half-axis machining is performed using a three-axis numerical control milling machine.

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