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CNC precision machining you should pay attention to what danger
Dec 21, 2017

First, the transmission device of danger probability in actual operation is relatively large, the machine is generally composed of a gear transmission parts, transmission chain and a driving belt which, if these parts design did not fully consider the safety design, no protective layer, rotating parts exposed, then it will most likely workers hand, clothes or twisted into the device, thus causing harm.

On site second, mechanical pressure will be dangerous, the common punching molding machine, shearing machine, grinder, etc. belong to the mechanical pressure, because such devices mostly need manual operation, and the operation can not be avoided because the tired or emotional fluctuations cause human errors, so it is very easy to injury.

Third, the danger from machine tools is also a danger. Because machine tools are mostly high-speed running cutting machines, they are very dangerous. Factors such as cutting tools, splashing, improper location of operator stations and other factors can cause accidents.

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