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Cnc processing safety precautions
Nov 08, 2018

Cnc processing in the entire process of processing we should always pay attention to safe operation: 1, try to install the card material and then load the tool to prevent the hand touch the tool when installing the card material. If the tool is already installed, the workbench should first be moved outside to ensure that the tool is loaded without disturbing the tool, thereby avoiding injury or damage to the tool. 2. When disassembling the tool, be sure to observe whether the spindle stops rotating first. 3. Do not hold or pinch the blade with your hands to avoid scratching the blade. 4. The wrench should be placed in the tool storage area after use, and it should not be placed on the Y-axis shield or beam. 5. During the cnc processing process, the operator is not allowed to observe the cutting position at a close distance to prevent the chips from falling into the eyes. 6. Check the position of the nozzle before opening the oil pump switch to avoid spraying to other locations when flushing oil. 7. When the cnc machining gap is paused, ensure that the table is moved away from the cutting position. 8. After the cnc processing is completed, we need to first check the necessary size or appearance before disassembling the workpiece. Only after passing the inspection, the workpiece can be disassembled to avoid the positioning problem of the secondary cnc machining and the scrapping of the workpiece after disassembly. The removed parts require further inspection of some critical dimension data to ultimately meet the cnc processing requirements.


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