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How to choose CNC machine tools
Dec 21, 2017

The following problems should be paid attention to when choosing CNC machine tools

A., when determining the functions of CNC machine tools and selecting the functions of CNC machine tools, we should not pursue big and complete. Because we are too much in pursuit of numerical control machine tools, the number of coordinate axes is large, the power and power of worktable and motor are large, the machining accuracy is high, and the functions are complete, so the system is more complex and the reliability is low. The cost of purchase and maintenance will also be improved. This will increase the cost of processing accordingly. On the other hand, it will cause great waste of resources. Therefore, the numerical control machine tool should be selected according to the size and precision of the product.

B. determines that the machined parts should be selected and processed according to the typical parts that need to be processed. Although CNC machine tools have the characteristics of high flexibility and adaptability, only a few parts can be processed under certain conditions to achieve desired results. So before determining the purchase equipment, we must first determine the typical parts to be processed.

The rational selection of C. CNC system should consider the CNC system that meets all the performance parameters and reliability index, and it should be considered for easy operation, programming, maintenance and management. Try to focus on unity, if it is not a special case, as far as possible to choose the more familiar, it is the same manufacturer with a series of numerical control system, in order to day management and maintenance.

The necessary accessories and tools are required to configure the necessary accessories and tools in order to give full play to the role of CNC machine tools and to enhance their machining capabilities. The necessary accessories and tools must be configured. It is forbidden to use hundreds of thousands of yuan or millions of yuan to purchase a machine tool, because it lacks of tens of dollars of accessories or cutters, and can not be used normally. When purchasing the main engine, it will buy some vulnerable parts and other accessories. Foreign metal cutting experts believe that the efficiency of a CNC machine tool worth 250 thousand dollars depends largely on the performance of a value of 30 dollars end mill. It can be seen that the tool is equipped with good performance for CNC machine tools. It is one of the key measures to reduce the cost and obtain the maximum comprehensive economic benefit. Generally, enough tools are provided for CNC machine tools, so as to give full play to the functions of NC machine tools, so that the selected CNC machines can process multiple products and prevent unnecessary idle and waste.

E. attaches great importance to the installation, commissioning and acceptance of CNC machine tools. After being put into production, CNC machine tools should be carefully installed and debugged, which is very important for future operation, maintenance and management. In the process of installation, commissioning and trial operation, technicians must take an active part in learning and accept the technical training and on-site guidance of suppliers. The geometric accuracy, positioning accuracy, cutting precision and machine performance of CNC machine tools are accepted in an all-round way. Check the various technical data, supporting the use of the manual, maintenance manual, annexstatement, computer software and manual carefully, and be properly kept, otherwise it will cause some additional functions to be developed after the machine and to maintenance difficult.

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