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Key points analysis of CNC machine maintenance
Dec 21, 2017

There are many kinds of CNC machine tools, and various kinds of CNC machine tools have different characteristics because of their functions, different structural systems. The contents and rules of its maintenance also have their own characteristics. According to the type, type and actual usage of machine tools, and according to the requirements of machine tool instruction manual, we need to customize and establish the necessary regular and grading maintenance system. The following are the usual routine maintenance points.

Maintenance of numerical control system

(1) strictly abide by the rules of operation and the system of daily maintenance

The operators of CNC machining equipment must strictly abide by the operation rules and routine maintenance system, and the quality of operators' technical and professional qualities is the important factor that affects the frequency of failure. When a CNC machine tool fails, the operator should pay attention to keeping the scene, and explain to the maintenance personnel exactly the situation before and after the failure, so as to analyze and diagnose the cause of the failure and eliminate it in time.

(2) prevent dust and dirt into the interior of the numerical control unit

Generally, there are oil mist, dust and even metal powder in the air of the numerical control machine shop. Once they fall into the circuit board or electronic device of the numerical control system, it will easily cause the insulation resistance between components to decrease, even cause the damage of components and circuit boards. Some users in the summer to make the CNC system can overload long metal parts processing, adopt CNC cabinet door open to heat, this is not a good way, which will eventually lead to the acceleration of CNC system damage, should minimize the open numerical control cabinet and electric cabinet door.

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