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Machining Parts Galvanized Surface finsihed
Nov 30, 2018

  For the professional manufacturers of machining metal parts, galvanized surface treatment process is not strange to everyone. This is an effective and economic surface treatment, rust prevention effect is very nice .With the development and progress of the society, more and more attention is paid to the environmental protection of industrial production, so gradually environmental protection galvanized instead of ordinary galvanized before, do you know the difference between the two?

  Environmental galvanized and the difference between a common galvanized is used in the passivation solution is different, is used in the ordinary galvanized hexavalent chromium, galvanized with trivalent chromium and environmental protection, its price is almost a times higher than normal galvanized. Environmental protection galvanized is not complex galvanized, for complex, environmental damage is very serious, hot dip galvanized fewer pollutants.

  The pollutant of hot dip galvanizing is the waste acid of pickling workpiece.

  The pollutants of cold galvanizing mainly include waste acid of pickling workpiece, electroplating waste liquid, waste passivation liquid and so on.

  The pollutant discharge type and quantity of cold galvanizing greatly exceed that of hot galvanizing.

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