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Machining Tools Managment
Nov 14, 2018

Machining Tools Management



    Tianhui Machine Company use ERP system to manage the tools .Breaked the traditional manual ledger or electronic ledger management to establish a real tool management platform.When entering the warehouse, the Stroe Worker can relate the work order, parts, process, personnel, equipment and other information with the cutter, and track the tool's whereabouts in real time.In addition, the ERP system can also comprehensively manage the cutter from the perspective of production management, process analysis and other aspects in combination with enterprise production tasks.At the same time, the tool's entry and storage operation can be simplified by using the barcode gun. As long as the barcode is scanned, it can replace the manual keyboard to input the number, greatly reducing the possibility of operation error, and convient worker's worker , save time .

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