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Precision machining of the production process
Dec 21, 2017

1, from the hardware aspect, the processing of mechanical parts are many kinds of mechanical equipment, such as cars, milling machine, planer, grinder broaching machine, machining center, machining accuracy inherent in various equipment are not the same, so to realize the precision machining, there should be the appropriate choice of process route is high and the corresponding equipment to see you the precision of parts;

2, from the software aspect, is the operator's skill, which involves a variety of equipment operation skills, these skills include understanding, the equipment of mechanical processing of machining material understanding, understanding, these skills can accumulate normal work, key skills is the practice of personnel

In the production process, the process of changing the shape, size, location and nature of the production object to make it finished or semi-finished is called the technological process. It is the main part of the production process. The process can be divided into casting, forging, stamping, welding, machining, assembly process, mechanical manufacturing process is the sum of general assembly process refers to the machining process and machine parts of the other process is called assisted process, such as transport, storage, power supply, equipment maintenance etc.. The process is made up of one or more sequence of processes, and a process consists of several steps.

The process process is the basic unit to make up the process of mechanical processing. The so-called process refers to a part or a group of workers on a machine tool (or a job location), for the same workpiece (or at the same time for several workpieces) to complete the part of the process. The main feature of a process is that it does not change the object, equipment and operator, and the content of the process is completed continuously.

The work step is on the condition that the machining surface is constant, the machining tool is constant, and the cutting amount is constant

The cutting tool is also called the work travel, which is the work step that the machining tool has finished on the machined surface once. [1]

In the process of making machine processing, we must confirm that the workpiece must go through several processes and procedures, and only list the simple process of the main procedure and its processing sequence, which is called the technological route.

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