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Slender shaft in turning machining is very knowledgeable
Jun 15, 2018

The slender shaft is a machining method in turning. This slender shaft turning machine has some features. Some workpieces with poor rigidity and slenderness sag due to their own weight, are subjected to centrifugal force during high-speed rotation, and are easily bent and deformed due to cutting forces when turning. The larger the work piece is bent, the greater the vibration during this turning and the harder it is to ensure surface quality accuracy.

There is also a large thermal deformation slender shaft poor thermal diffusivity, large linear expansion, it is easy to produce bending deformation when the two ends of the workpiece tight. In the whole process of processing defects in the processing of slender shafts, this operator is required to have a high level of technology and careful operation, so that the quality of the processed workpieces can be guaranteed.


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