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The structure and characteristics of the horizontal CNC machining center
Sep 20, 2018

The machining center with the spindle in parallel is called the horizontal machining center. In general, the horizontal machining center has 3-5 motion axes. The common horizontal machining centers are three linear motion axes plus one rotary motion axis. The working table of the horizontal machining center is mostly square, which can process the workpiece on one side of the workpiece. What I just mentioned is the basic structure of the horizontal machining center. How do the horizontal machining centers classify the structure?

There are various methods for classifying the structure. There are two types of headstock position classification: main head box hanging and head box side hanging; according to the column classification: fixed column and moving column; There are two types: positive and negative; there are three types of Z-axis feed: Z-axis table feed, Z-axis column feed, and Z-axis ram feed; .

  Structure and characteristics of fixed column horizontal machining center

   There are three kinds of horizontal machining centers of fixed column type, the column is fixed, the headstock is Y-direction movement, the table is Z, X movement is one kind, the headstock is Y, Z direction movement, the worktable is X-direction movement is one The headstock is made in Y and X direction, and the Z-direction movement of the table is another; this is the fixed column horizontal machining center. The horizontal machining center of this structure has good structural rigidity, high machining precision, and installation adjustment. Convenient and other features.

   Structure and characteristics of the horizontal column horizontal machining center

   There are many horizontal machining centers of the moving column type, and there are three types, which are moving columns. The workbench is fixed, the column is made to move in X direction, the side of the headstock is hung for Z and Y direction movement; the workbench is Z-direction, the column is X-direction, the headstock is Y-direction; the table is X-moving, and the column is Z- Movement, the headstock makes Y-direction movement; these three are the horizontal column horizontal machining center. The movable column horizontal machining center has high rigidity, large load capacity, and is suitable for heavy cutting and rough machining.

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