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Thermal conductivity and application of Aluminium Casting Part
Feb 28, 2018

Aluminum castings in the use of the process has some advantages, the appearance of the product is very beautiful and light weight and corrosion resistance and other advantages, the use of Aluminium Casting Part by the majority of users, especially since the lightweight car, its products in the automotive industry Has been widely used.

Aluminium Casting Part  in the process of its density than the cast iron and cast steel small, but the product in the use of its high strength, so under the same load conditions can be cast aluminum, which can reduce the weight of its structure.

Aluminium Casting Part have a good surface gloss, the product has good corrosion resistance in both water and the atmosphere, so that such products have a wide range of uses in the manufacture of household utensils and products have certain uses in the chemical industry.

Aluminum casting has good thermal conductivity, on the heat exchanger used in chemical production and power machinery requires good thermal conductivity of the two pieces, the product has good casting performance, due to the lower melting point, under normal circumstances, aluminum alloy Pouring temperature is about 750 degrees.

Due to the large latent heat of solidification of aluminum castings, the solidification time of molten aluminum is much longer than that of cast steel and cast iron under the same weight, and the liquidity is good, which is good for casting thin-wall and complex structures .

Aluminium Casting Part  has many advantages, so that the product effectively becomes the development direction of the foundry industry and the most favored casting product for the purchasing customers. In the future, with the continuous improvement of the technology of aluminum casting, there will be more room for development in the future.

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