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What are the principles of cnc processing?
Jul 25, 2018

The division of the cnc process can take two different principles, the process concentration principle and the process dispersion principle.

Principle of process concentration: The principle of cnc processing process concentration means that no process contains as much processing content as possible, thereby reducing the total number of processes. The cnc machining process concentration principle is applicable to workpiece machining on high-efficiency special equipment and CNC machine tools. The advantages of using the process concentration principle are: increasing production efficiency; reducing the number of processes, shortening the process route, and simplifying production planning and production organization. Reduce the number of foundations, the number of operators and the floor space; reduce the number of workpieces to be clamped, which not only ensures the mutual positioning accuracy between the various processing surfaces, but also reduces the number of fixtures and the auxiliary time for clamping the workpieces. However, CNC machining equipment and industrial equipment have large investment, difficulty in adjustment and maintenance, and long production preparation period, which is not conducive to product conversion.

Cnc processing process dispersion principle: process dispersion is to distribute the workpiece processing to more cnc processing, and the processing content of each process is very small. The principle of dispersion of cnc processing is applicable to processing equipment and processing equipment with simple structure. The advantage of using the process dispersion principle is that the processing equipment and the process equipment are simple to operate, convenient to adjust and maintain, and easy to change production. It is beneficial to choose a reasonable cutting amount and reduce maneuver time. However, the process route is long, the floor space is large, and the equipment and personnel are required. The processing accuracy is greatly affected by the technical level of the operator.

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