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What can be used in CNC machining centers?
Oct 22, 2018

1. What aspects can the CNC machining center use

Cnc machining center is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used in CNC machining. In the past, CNC machining centers were mainly used for precision machining, which was not very common. After more than ten years of development, today's CNC machining centers have become an important CNC machine tool in various processing industries. It can be found in all walks of life, such as aerospace, marine, automotive, mobile metal parts and some common metal parts in life, etc., which need to use CNC machining centers. However, it does not mean that a CNC machining center can perform various tasks. There are many models of CNC machining centers, and different types of CNC machining centers are different in application.

Second, different types of CNC machining centers are used differently

To give a few simple examples, some CNC machining centers can process molds, some can be used to process larger metal parts, and some can process small hardware parts and products.

CNC machining centers for machining molds generally have large strokes, such as VMC850, VMC1060, VMC1270, and other CNC machining centers with large strokes. These CNC machining centers have thicker internal ribs, and the structural rigidity is greatly improved. The high-rigidity spindle can be combined with the high-torque device to increase the production efficiency by more than 30%. It is a good tool for processing molds.


When it is necessary to process some large metal workpieces, we usually recommend customers to choose the gantry machining center. For example, the LM1613 small gantry machining center is called the terminator of the large vertical machining center. Because of its closed door structure, the rigidity is much better than most vertical machining centers. It has good flexibility and precision. Sex. The selection of a variety of tool magazines greatly improves the processing efficiency of processed products.

Small hardware parts and products are used in many life. Most of these parts can be used in small machining centers, such as VMC650, VMC550, VMC420 and other CNC machining centers. These small CNC machining centers are dedicated to the production of small hardware parts and The products are all the functions of the drill center and the machining center. It is a compound mini-machining machine with very high cost performance. It is very suitable for mass production of hardware parts and products.

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