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Why call it Precision Machining ?
Jul 23, 2018

  Precision machining is a process of changing the shape, size or performance of a workpiece with a processing machine.According to the temperature state of the workpiece being processed, it can be divided into cold processing and hot processing.It is usually processed at room temperature, and it does not cause chemical or physical changes of the workpiece.In general, above or below the normal temperature of the machining process will cause chemical or physical changes in the workpiece, called heat processing.Cold processing can be divided into cutting processing and pressure processing according to the difference of processing methods.In hot processing, there are heat treatment forging, forging, casting and welding.   

   At present, Tianhui Machinery is good at cold processing in mechanical processing. Experienced teachers use advanced processing equipment to change the shape and size of the workpiece, making it to be a precise and useful workpiece.

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