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CNC Machining Machinery Parts
Feb 09, 2018

Widely used in new energy equipment, medical equipment, machinery automation equipment, CNC Machining Food Machinery Parts, petroleum equipment, aerospace equipment, optoelectronic communications equipment, electronic equipment, photographic equipment and photographic equipment, textile machinery, food machinery, printing machinery, construction machinery and electronic products, Railways, automobiles, military, civilian products, agro-forestry machinery, lighting industry, digital imaging office equipment, construction and mining tools, covering 360 lines in every corner.


The main testing equipment: projector, two yuan, three dollars, altimeter, micrometer, dial indicator, marble platform.

Processing features: batch, single, supporting processing.

Processing mode: according to map (according to sample) processing.

Testing equipment: projectors, micrometer inside / outside diameter, universal angle feet, height feet, stop / pass regulations.