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Factors Affecting The Quality Of Aluminium Casting Part
Feb 28, 2018

The use of Aluminium Casting Part is closely related to our life, such as the wok or door lock we usually use are made of such material, so the application of products are mostly ordinary sand castings accounted for The proportion is also very much, in the production process, the weight of the Aluminium Casting Part station a very large proportion, so many structural parts and some of the components on the device are some of these castings as the main blank, some of the quality of the machine itself The precision is related to the quality of the casting is also related to the life of the machine has a relationship, so the accuracy of the maintenance is very important.


1. Products in the process of designing the need to consider the factors are also very much, according to the shape of the material design and performance, size and working conditions to be considered in the casting time also need to be based on the characteristics of its technology To carry out a reasonable design, timely resolution of material shrinkage and size effects and other issues, so that we can well prevent the product from deformation and cracking occurred.

2. In the casting process requires a reasonable process, we can according to product structure and size of the size and production conditions. To choose the right core method. We need a reasonable set of chilled iron and pouring system, so that we can well ensure the quality of their products 3 in the production process of the material and the choice of paint is very important, because if the coatings and materials are not sure It will lead to pinhole products after molding, sticky sand and other defects, this will directly affect the appearance of the product quality and internal quality.